Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sugar Bum Bum

Hey guys, I just wanted to introduce to you my newest Bahamian Gal. Meet Sugar Bum Bum. Those of you who live in The Bahamas or have visited, should have noticed that Bahamian women are well endowed. Or, very well endowed, depending on how much peas n' rice, macaroni n' cheese and potato salad we've eaten!

My old scholars should remember that song that says:
 'Audrey, where you get that sugar? Darling, there is nothing sweeter!......Sugar bum, sugar bum, bum'

Hence my title Sugar Bum Bum. :) The Bahamian man's fetish!

Enjoy fellows :)

1 comment:

  1. TIFF,
    I love your post's...especially your newest addition "Sugar Bum Bum". Brings back a lot of memories. The painting is absolutely beautiful...love it!Authentically Bahamian in every way.
    Can't wait for more post's!